Bohnen Chiropractic Center
Bohnen Chiropractic Center, P.A.

303 Credit Union Drive
Isanti, Minnesota 55040

Phone: (763) 444-5597
Fax: (763) 444-5598


Let Us Help You With…
  • Accident
  • Sports Injury
  • Work Injury
  • General Health Issues
We treat all ages with various types of spinal problems; developed or inherited.
Our Services Involve Treatments That Involve Adjustments Or Manipulation Of The Spine To Restore Nerve Flow and Function.
  • Licensed and Certified in Acupuncture
Physiotherapies May Also Be Employed. These Include The Use Of:
  • Exercise
  • Hea
  • Muscle Stimulation Ultra-Sound
  • Stress & Dietary Management
Woman exercising
* Chiropractic is not an alternative to traditional medicine, but rather a companion. Often chiropractic is the primary entry into the health care system. We have a listing of quality specialists and contacts for referral when situations warrant additional expertise outside of chiropractic.
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